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The Academy of Design is a private college – founded in 2002 by the Director Rycki Symons who has brought over 25 years of experience in the Fashion Design, Graphic Arts and Photography industries to the Academy of Design.

We are situated in the ‘Heart’ of the Gold Coast at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Broadbeach Waters.  The students enjoy the hundreds of retails shops available to them at their doorstep, as well as the food outlets including supermarkets and food court. There is also entertainment and lifestyle choices available such as the cinemas and lifestyle retailers.

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre is the ‘Central Hub’ for transport and most buses  stop at Pacific Fair – and it is easily accessible from most places on the Gold Coast.

Students also enjoy the close proximity to the beach, (we are less than ten minutes walk across the Gold Coast Highway and onto beautiful beaches in Broadbeach).

Since the private college opened it’s doors, it has had enormous success across all areas of the creative training. The Academy of Design has Local, National and International students.

It is now well recognized by industry that the Academy of Design is the leading training grounds for the Creative Industries.

We are constantly developing new programs and extending  curriculum to meet with current industry requirements. AOD’s signature to success and high quality training is in the focus on ‘Innovation’. This focus continues to win the college awards and recognition within the Creative Industries and also provide opportunities for its current students as well as its graduates.

The Academy of Design’s specialization in the Creative Industries has proved over the years to be a very successful formula: where students are able to study within a creative environment, experience other fields of study during their own studies, understand diversity and innovation across many fields of creative study and most importantly be able to integrate and affiliate in projects and assessments from other areas of study. This in its self promotes innovation from students. It pushes many creative boundaries and produces highly professional portfolios for entry into the workforce.

The college attracts various creative industries and businesses  that offer competitions, industry visits and work experience and take part in the assessment process to keep the college and it’s students at the forefront of industry evolution and requirements.

AOD provides a plethora of opportunities for students to excel – through its network of contacts within the industry.


  • Learn from industry professionals
  • Strong industry network
  • Creative learning environment
  • Award-winning graduates
  • National Recognised courses
  • Study 2 -3 days/ 20 hours a week
  • Outstanding Employment Outcomes

We enjoy tracking the achievements of students when they leave the college. Our graduates are sought after by local businesses & design studios, and many launch themselves into successful freelance careers. The Academy supports graduates in their professional careers and continued growth in their chosen field.

We look forward to meeting with you soon !