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Diploma of Beauty Therapy


Enter in the exciting world of Beauty therapy with your Diploma studies. The Diploma of Beauty Therapy is our specialist beauty course at the Academy of Design. The 1 year diploma course includes advanced Facial techniques, Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Aromatherapy Massage, Nutrition, Makeup and Spa Treatments – that also includes Micro Derm-abrasion.

As with everything we do at the Academy, we take on a very holistic approach to our training – with a focus on customer service and caring for the needs of every individual client that walks through our doors.


Successful graduates can choose a range of diverse career pathways that include – operating or managing a beauty salon, day spa or health retreat or working for yourself.

Use your skills in an International market & travel the world on-board a cruise ship, work in luxury resorts, tropical islands or working for skin care companies in training and/or promotions.

Train in a truly creative environment that offers networking and career opportunities at the ‘Leading Creative Industries Education Provider’. Our training environment is dynamic and exciting – with getting the unique opportunity to operate a fully functional Day Spa to not only practice their skills, but to interact with clients and learn day to day operational requirements of the industry that you are entering into.

Students will also complete units such as makeup in our state of the art makeup training rooms within our campus. This gives students additional experience within a ‘Makeup’ training college.

Our small class sizes also provide more hands on training and personalized learning. This can often be the key to quality learning and give each student greater opportunity and access to equipment and facilities.

We look forward to meeting with you to visit our premises and discuss course needs.

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course title

 Diploma of Beauty Therapy

course code





Target Market

High school graduates, mature aged students and people with a passion for Beauty therapy & Spa industry.

Students that have completed other qualifications that include the same units of study in this course.

Class Size

15 – 20  (Limited places / applications are date & priority listed)


 1 Year full time study

Delivery Mode

Face to Face



Level 1, OASIS Shopping Centre, Broadbeach, GOLD COAST

Delivery Hours

 QTH ( Recommended )

 Fee info


The following Kits have to be supplied by the students / as for required for term delivery of that subject. We have sourced the most competitive prices through a wholesale supplier for the students benefit. The student is required to go directly to the supplier and purchase the items listed for training.

  Stationery required for the entire year you will need:  Highlighters Pens / Coloured Pencils 5 x Ruled Workbooks – we recommend the 5 Divider Lined Books (1 per unit) A4 folders – for homework and handouts Dividers – for homework and handouts USB – to store all your Unit / Theory Workbooks A laptop   COMPULSORY Uniform – Term 1 

  • Black BALLET STYLE FLAT closed in shoes (no laces/sneakers allowed) (Big W/Target from  $4 to $20 pair)
  • Academy of Design Tabbard  – provided
  • BLACK  “voodoo tuxedo” pants (David Jones  or Meyers approx $40) or similar / NO tights.
  • Academy of Design Logo T-shirt –  provided
  • Name tag provided  -and needs to be re-placed immediately if you lose it at a cost of $30.
  • Wrist Watch of your choice (to be placed on your trolley during practical sessions –  for time management (no phones allowed in the Spa)

Linen – Black and  white ONLY – Term 1  (IKEA has great prices)  All Linen must be named.    Any linen lost is the students responsibility. 1 x SINGLE  BLACK flat sheet 2x LARGE Bath Sheets 4 x BATH Towels 4 x Standard Hand towels 12 x small facial/body wrap hot towels  (IKEA has great small towels for 50c each 2 x Face Cloths to wipe feet and for Pedicures and Body Wraps 1 x SINGLE BLACK (lightweight) waffle weave type Blanket (can be left on campus, but MUST be taken home on weekends for washing). Term 1 – approx $50 Please provide a Personal Storage Basket with a secure lid  big enough to store your varying Kits  (everything must be named and replaced throughout the year when required).  Some of these teams will need to be restocked as you run out.  1 x large talc powder 1 x small vaseline 1 x disposable hair nets (x 100) for both tanning and facial 2  x packets of Cotton Buds 10 packets of Cotton ROUNDS  / Eye Make Up Remover Pads 1 large packet of cotton balls Brow and Lash Treatments – Term 1  (approx $95) 1 x BELMACIL tint brush Lash and Brow Tint colour   – light brown, dark brown, blue black 1 x  Belmacil black double plastic divider double tint bowl 1 x 100 pack  under-eye tint pads 1 x brow tweezers 1 x Brow and lash brush and comb 1 x small trimming scissors   Manicure and Pedicure – Term 1  (approx $70) 1 x plastic cuticle pusher 1 x Perfect Nails base coat (may  need to be replaced) 1 x Perfect Nails top coat (may need to be replaced) 1 x Everest bright red polish (will need to be replaced) 1 x large toe nail clippers 2 x soft nail files (fingers) (will need to be replaced) 2 x coarse nail files  (toes) (will need to be replaced) 1 x Square buffing pad (will need to be replaced) 1 x pedi paddle with disposable pedi files (file attachments will need to be replaced) Silver cuticle cutters   Aromatherapy Kit – Term 2 (approx $40) 1 x plastic pipette 1 x small spritz bottle 3 x Oil Blending Bottles with Doplers 1 x Medium Massage Oil bottle with spout 1 x Solubiser Mix   Facial Therapy –  Term 2 (aprox $80) 1 x  eye pillow 2 x fan / mask  brushes 1 x waffle weave wrap/robe 3 x waffle weave / velcro headbands Body Therapies  – Term 3 (approx $70) 1 packet foil Body Wraps 1 packet  10 x clear body wrap sheets 2 Large Green Body Sponges   Intimate / Brazilian Waxing – Term 3  (approx  $30) 1 x boxes of Fibrella 1 x box disposable g string underwear 1 x box disposable gloves   Apply Spray Tanning – Term 4 (Approx $10) Sticky Feet   Term 4 – EyeLash Extensions Optional – students can purchase a Lash Extension Kit direct from the Graft a Lash Lecturer –  in Term 4 at a Student Price (tbc)  



[ 9 Week Term ] Day 1 – Salon practices 1 Day 2 – Lash & brow Day 3 – Wax treatments 1

Skin Biology


Skin Biology is a prerequisite for several units in the Diploma of Beauty Therapy


Salon Practices 1


SHBXCCS001        Conduct Salon financial transactions

SHBXIND001        Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment

SHBXWHS001      Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices

SHBXCCS002        Provide salon services to clients


wax treatments


SHBBHRS001       Provide waxing services



Lash & Brow treatments


SHBBFAS001      Provide lash and brow services



[ 9 Week Term ] Day 1 – Massage 1 Day 2 – Facial Services Day 3 – Manicure & pedicare

Manicure & Pedicare


SHBBNLS001       Provide manicure and pedicare services


Massage 1


SHBBBOS002      Provide body massages

SHBBBOS004      Provide aromatherapy massages

SHBBCCS002       Prepare personalised aromatic plant oil for beauty treatments


Facial Services


SHBBFAS002      Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations



[ 9 Week Term ] Day 1 – Clinic / Spa Services Day 2 – Facial Services Day 3 – Waxing



SHBBMUP002      Design and apply make-up

SHBBMUP004      Design & apply remedial camouflage makeup


Advanced Facials


SHBBFAS003        Provide specialised facial treatments

SHBBSKS005        Provide micro-dermabrasion treatments


Waxing Advanced


SHBBHRSOO2         Provide female intimate waxing services




SHBBRES001         Research and apply beauty industry information

BSBSMB403           Market the small business



[ 9 week term ] Day 1 – Clinic / Salon Services Day 2 – Massage / Body treatments Day 3 – Massage / Body treatments

SPA Treatments


SHBBBSPA002      Provide spa therapies

SHBBBOS003        Provide body treatments

SHBBSPA001         Work in spa therapies framework


Spray Tanning


SIBBSKS302A       Apply cosmetic tanning products


Eye Lash Extension


SHBBMUP001       Apply eyelash extensions


Wholistic Massage


SHBBSPA003       Provide stone therapy massages

SHBBSPA004       Provide Indian head massages



BMSS – Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit – Day Spa.


Our BMSS day spa offers our students a great opportunity to put into practice their skills learned over the duration of the course.


Clinic days attract outside clients that are able to challenge students to offer great customer service, operate a day spa and above all provide excellent service and treatments to a diverse range of customers.



7th March 2017


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday