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Makeup Short Courses



The Academy of Design in collaboration with the Creative Hub is delivering new and edgy makeup short courses. The course content and details are displayed on the Creative Hub website as part of a collaborative ‘Village’ for these exciting workshops and short courses. Please select links.  




MAKEUP 101 – is for everyone interested in studying makeup. It doesn’t matter if you have been wearing makeup for a while, or just learning the new skills, or just refreshing the old ones or just need to get great at it – this is the course for you !

You start right at the very beginning and learn the correct methods of applying makeup. You get a brief run down on skin types, colours and the all important part of looking after your skin – so you can wear makeup in the first place.

The 101 basics are important for absolutely everyone. Skin care, cleansing, identifying contra-indications and a lot more, act as the vital basic building blocks to a great industry.

Learning to apply makeup correctly, in the correct amounts, and to develop blending and application skills that create better makeup is all an important part of the 101 experience.

Our trainers are fully trained and qualified makeup artist with years of experience in their professional fields. they understand the importance of good quality training and delivery to a potential student. Our trainers understand the balance of having a great time and enjoying what you love, balanced well with content, demonstration and practice to better your skills.

Drop in on weekends, check out the training room and chat to someone about joining 101.



The Advanced Makeup course is for anyone who is serious about makeup. This is ideal for the someone who wants to create a professional look or to start their career in makeup.

The Advanced class can only be done after completion of MAKEUP 101. All the essential basics and good training is completed in makeup 101 – so that you can accelerate your training and skills in the Advanced class.

The classes are busy, fun and information packed – so get ready to launch into some serious makeup training !



You gained the skills, have a great personality, feeling confident ! are you ready to become a ‘YOUTUBER’ ?

This is a fun innovative workshop that integrates all of the components that you need to become a successful Youtuber and build a huge following !

It is not only enough to have the skills, or a great personality that people find fun and easy to engage in. You have to successfully put together these skills with the ability to explain, engage and transfer skills & fascinating facts across to your audience.

Most people have one or two of the important skills – but do they have the Big 4 skills to put it all together !

This short course is a three week intensive, and takes you through the 4 stages of building each video that you upload.