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This course is for students who have completed the basic course or have a firm understanding of their Digital SLR and would like to advance their technical skills while learning how to expand their photographic creativity.

[It is highly recommended that you have completed the Beginners & editing workshops]

(Full payment is required to secure your position / Course cost is non refundable).

  • Learn how to take natural portraits
  • Advance your technical skills
  • Explore your creativity

Topics Covered

  • Portrait Photography
  • Camera and Lens Configurations
  • What to look for in buying a tripod.
  • Natural Light Photography
  • Low Light Photography + Night photography.
  • Advanced composition and painting with light
  • Creative Composition
  • Editing Process
  • Creative Techniques
  • Different Focal points.
  • Work flow
  • Demonstration of important computer fixes to apply to images post-shooting to improve exposure and colour.
  • Achieving desired depth of field using various aperture and lens combinations.
  • You’ll discover how to create visually appealing images, capture and shoot these photographs and also learn how to share, distribute and publish your photos.
  • Get unbiased advice on what camera gear is best suited for your needs and budget.
  • White balance & bracketing, use of ISO

What to bring

  • A digital SLR camera
  • Fully charged camera battery
  • Your digital SLR Instruction Manual
  • Memory card (s)
  • Lenses + tripod if you have one.
  • Pen & Paper
  • You will need to supply your own lunch
  • A hat, sunblock and sensible shoes for some photographic exploring
  • This is a relaxed workshop that mixes some technical with some creative.

Course description

A comprehensive intermediate photography course for people who want to control key camera settings manually. Understand the key settings and how to adjust them on your camera. Also includes basic composition skills and photographic technique. This is a very hands-on course with practical exercises reinforcing the classroom instruction. Participants must have a digital SLR camera or an advanced compact digital camera with full manual override for key settings such as shutter speed, aperture, etc…

This course is suitable for intermediate photographers and caters for a variety of photographic interests, cameras, and levels of experience.