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Rycki Symons Pty Ltd (Academy of Design) supports the concept of equal opportunity and is committed to providing all staff, students and potential students with a working and learning environment which values diversity, respects differences and provides an environment that is safe, healthy, positive, supportive and free from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.


For the purposes of this document the following applies:

 The Act refers to the Higher Education Support Act 2003

Student/s refers to all persons enrolled in a unit of study who are, or would be entitled to VET FEE-HELP assistance under clause 43 of Schedule 1A of the Actand

Potential Students refers to all persons seeking to enrol in a VET unit of study that meets the course requirements under subclause 45(1) of Schedule 1A of the Act and who are, or would be, entitled to VET FEE-HELP assistance under clause 43 of Schedule 1A of the Act.

1.0       Fair Treatment

1.1       Academy of Design will treat fairly all Students and Potential Students.

2.0       Student Selection

2.1    Academy of Design has open, fair and transparent procedures, based on merit for making decisions about:

a)          the selection, from among Potential Studentsand

b)          the treatment of Students.

2.2    Potential Students seeking to enrol in a VET unit of study with Academy of Design, regardless of their background, circumstances or eligibility for funding will be assessed for entry to study through the same published entry requirements and through the same process.

2.3    The above undertakings do not prevent Academy of Design taking into account, in making decisions about the selection and treatment of Students or Potential Students, educational disadvantages that a particular Student or Potential Student has experienced or the fact that the Student or Potential Student may be enrolled via a VET restricted access arrangement.


To undertake a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course with Academy of Design applicants must meet one of the following entry requirements:

  • completed year 10 (or higher); OR
  • mature age entry with portfolio of work showing special creative application relevant to the industry

Applicants will be required to complete an application test &/or questionnaire as follows:

Fashion Design course: application test & questionnaire

Photoimaging course: questionnaire

Graphic Arts: application test

Make-up course: questionnaire


Individuals who seek to enrol in a course with Academy of Design must complete and submit the Application Form which is available from Academy of Design.  Applications may be submitted as indicated on the Application Form.

The application should include evidence that the applicant meets the published entry requirements for their chosen course.


The Academic Coordinator assesses the application against the published entry requirements.  Where the application is not complete or if further information is required to make an assessment of whether the applicant has met the published entry requirements for their chosen course, the applicant will be contacted and given the opportunity to provide further information.

Applicants who do not meet the published entry requirements will be sent a letter clearly outlining the reasons why they have not been offered a place in the course.  The letter will also advise the unsuccessful applicant about their right to appeal the decision and how to access the appeals process.


Applicants who meet the published entry requirements will be sent a letter offering them a place in their chosen course.

Once the offer is accepted the applicant is sent an enrolment pack explaining all aspects of their course, start date, payment options and details of student orientation.

3.0       Publication

3.1    This Fair Treatment and Equal Benefits and Opportunity Policy will be made available to Students and Potential Students through publication on the website: