Things to consider when you buy bluetooth headphones in Singapore

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Bluetooth headphones are wireless devices with a built-in intercom receiver and microphone, so they can be used to make and receive phone calls and listen to music wirelessly. Runners widely use Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones have a glassy display and a small speaker, which can connect to a mobile phone or MP3. There are many models for different prices.

There are things to consider when you buy bluetooth headphones in Singapore. Below are the things you have to keep in mind before you get the right headphone.

  1. Cost

The cost of the Bluetooth headsets is different from one type to another. For example, the price of Bluetooth headphones for under $200 is less than $ 100. While Bluetooth headphones for over $1000 range from over $300 to about $500. High-cost headphones will have better Bluetooth technology, a long standby time, and comfortable volume control.

  1. Fit and design

The Bluetooth headsets list may contain various sizes and designs: some are not suitable for men’s ears, while others are fine-fitting for women’s ears. Some are integrated with the ear, some have ear hooks, and others do not have any particular design but are equipped with a lightweight frame.

  1. Noise cancellation function

Bluetooth headphones with noise-canceling functions can help people get rid of the surrounding environment noise, so they can concentrate on music. Some wireless headphones are equipped with a noise-canceling microphone, which is convenient for users to answer phone calls during running or dancing.

  1. Data transmission rate

The excellent Bluetooth headphones can transmit voice data in real-time. Such as the running Bluetooth headset with a microphone, the data transmission rate is much faster than the one without a mic.

  1. Waterproof function

Some people may want to go swimming and listen to music simultaneously, so they must choose a water-resistance Bluetooth headset.


Bluetooth headsets are an excellent way to listen to music and make phone calls while running. Running Bluetooth headphones offers the most suitable features for this kind of lifecare. Indeed it will be of great help for runners.